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Our team is a hard working group of Gals & Guys that are "ALWAYS" on the job 24/7. One of our staff will answer "Every Call - Anytime & Any Time Zone."We are here for the hard working men and women in the Truck Driving Profession who work different hours in many different parts of the country. We Salute You! You have one of the most thankless jobs in the world. Like the saying goes "without trucks and tuckers, everyone would be homeless, hungry and naked."

5 Star has 17 different national lenders that offer a finance program for every level of credit. This gives us the opportunity to negotiate a great payment. We have found SO MANY TIMES that the old saying is totally true "Bad things happen to good people" and sometimes we all need a hand up.

We make every effort to check and recheck our trucks before they are sold. Out goal is to set you in a truck that fits your needs and does the job you need done at the lowest cost to you in the future.

YOU HAVE QUESTIONS? WE HAVE ANSWERS. Never hesitate to call, text or email. The phone rings "We Jump"!